In 2013, Eleanor started to experiment in making music, titling the project as Moonbow. The concept of Moonbow was that collaborators could come and go whenever they pleased. The current lineup features Eleanor and bandmate Beau Hulse, both using a mixture of synthesizers, samplers, vocals, guitar, omnichord, taishogoto, effects pedals, found objects and percussion - a set up that attempts to fuse both organic and electronic sounds. Moonbow's aim is to approach sound as another medium of art, by releasing tracks not in conventional methods, but by placing the music within appropriate multi-sensory environments. The sound elements of the work are thus only a fragment of the story; the rest of that story being told through the experimentation of combining music with photography, video, set design, illustration, animation, fashion and performance art.

Moonbow plan to release videos and recordings of their music in 2014.
Read an interview with Eleanor about the project at Huck Magazine and view photographs from live performances here.




20 March 2014 - Chapel Perilous III (co-curated by Eleanor) @ Peckham Pelican, London, England
6 February 2014 - ISIS Presents: Brainfreeze @ The Cellar, Oxford, England
17 November 2013 - Chapel Perilous II @ Lumiere, Hackney, London, England

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